Friday, March 13, 2015

Maybe I Can Open A Shop?

Whew! We are still digging ourselves out of the sea of boxes and packing paper while tripping over toys we haven’t seen (or heard…egads! I miss the quiet!) for 4 months. It’s been both great (I have my kitchen and YARN back!) and overwhelming (HOLY CRAP I HAVE A LOT OF YARN!)

I’m struggling trying to find places to put everything, which has been frustrating, but it’s also been liberating. Almost half of our stuff had been in storage for 3 years and, I must admit, distance and time has mellowed out my slight sentimentality I have toward things. (Read: I’m borderline a hoarder.) Even the four months away from our Australia stuff has given me an urgent sense of, “THROW IT ALL AWAY!”

We’ve weeded through quite a lot of stuff and tossed or donated boxes and boxes of things. But still, my sentimentality still clings to the oddest of things. I mean, I still remember using this first tube of Avon Minnie Mouse Banana flavored lip gloss that my mom gave me when I was 10 and she started selling Avon; the slight pale yellow tint on my lips as I licked off the tasty gloss is a very fond memory and so I NEED TO KEEP IT FOREVER. 

You thought I was kidding, didn't you.

Actually, I have a whole collection of lip junk (as I lovingly call them) that I’ve collected over many years. The thought of tossing them all gives me anxiety- what if I need some chapstick RIGHT NOW but have to suffer gross chapped lips since I tossed that 20 year old Bonne Belle Lipsmacker? Also, I’m pretty sure my daughter will love to inherit this vintage collection and it won’t at all be gross and rancid when she’s old enough to start her own hoard.

I also have a thing with writing instruments and have a few hundred pens, pencils, highlighters, and Sharpies hanging about. I used them a lot when I was in school or working but now? I’d be lucky to use up the ink in one pen in the course of a year. (Note to self: need to write more. Send handwritten letters to family and friends just to use up ink. And to let them know I miss and love them. But mainly the ink.)

And now I have a collection of yarn that I know I’ll never be able to use up in my lifetime. The very last Hookers meeting we had at my house, my gals wanted to see my stash. So I obliged. Well, mostly. Mainly just the wools. And then their type-A, mega organizing personalities took over and they counted all of it. (Again…most all of it. Just the worsted weight wools, and mainly Patons, at that.) I sure wish I could find that notebook they used to write it down because it’d be nice to know. (SORRY, GALS!)

I know this may come as a shock, but I think I may have some problems, y’all.

I have been working on various projects (futilely) trying to use up my stash, and I’ve actually got a lot done (or almost done….egads I hate sewing in ends) but more on that later. For now, I finally got the kids down for a nap and there is wool to be played with. And clothes to be folded. Ha! Yeah right! Who needs clothes when you have all this yarn..... roll around naked in.

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  1. Did your husband know when he married you that he also married yarn? Girl, you got a lot of stash over there. Good thing is that you have multiples of the same color. Nothing like having a mega stash and still not enough of one type/color to actually make something substantial. Ask me. I know. :-)